32 Year Old Addicted to Video Games…?

Question by Wandering: 32 year old addicted to video games…?
I don’t know what the hell to do about my best friend once sig. other that is addicted to gaming. He is 32, on his parents couch (literally) didn’t get back to me for 2 weeks due to “playing games” has a semi part time job, sometimes… He used to be so fun, and such a good interesting man, and now is just this bowl of boring lame-ness. Is he going to be like this forever? He literally ditched me to play games.. and hardly sees his friends that are close by because he’s playing games…
I just don’t want to give up on him, is there anyway to make him give a crap about life? Can the fantasy world be that much cooler than real life, relationships and sex?? 🙁
he lives 4 hours from me.. has played over 10,000 hours of FF, and now addicted to some new crappy game.. his other “addicted” friends are now worried about him too! no one will confront him.. i’m the only one that got passed the “wall” but its up again… poof gone. It’s almost easier thinking he died… than deal w/ the heart break of being completely ditched cuz life just got too hard and games are there

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Answer by Chuck U. Farley
let me guess . Call of duty ?. i have the same problem , i am a 32 yr old man who is also addicted to playstation i have a wife and child but i do make sure i spend the correct amount of time with my kid as for my wife she does get a bum deal . usually as soon as my son goes to bed im on it till my wife falls a sleep . i think it is an addiction because i actually get withdrawals from not playing it . .. i blame Call of duty although i wsh i could stop

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